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Welcome to the home of EcoGrowler!

We’re delighted you’ve taken the time to learn more about our ground-breaking product which is a complete game changer in the world of carbonated beverage containers.  In a realm where inefficient glass and aluminum products dominate the terrain, it is high time we introduce a product that shines above the traditional options with a bevy of ecological and economical benefits that will most assuredly pique your interest, and ultimately, change the landscape forever.

When compared to the traditional glass growler, EcoGrowler is simply the ideal option.  For consumers, its functionality, cost, and eco-friendly design reigns supreme.  For brewers and other beverage creators, the benefits continue to multiply.

Advantages vs. Glass Growler


  • Total light & oxygen elimination keeps your beer fresh 2-3x longer than a glass growler.

  • Exclusive patented design is the only collapsable carbonation-retaining product of its kind.

  • Proprietary sealing cap features an oxygen-scavenging material that completely rids contents of oxygen molecules.

  • Incredibly Eco-Friendly – EcoGrowler boasts an impressive 97% liquid content percentage (to material), compared to 65% for glass.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint – We can manufacture about 20 EcoGrowlers for about the same aluminum as it takes to make one can.

  • EcoGrowler is allowed and preferred where glass isn’t – Beach / Bike / Trail.

  • It’s not only Reusable, it’s Lightweight and Shatterproof.

Added Benefits for Brewery & Beverage Dealers


  • Significantly Reduced Shipping & Stocking Costs.  Incredibly, 1 case of EcoGrowlers (200 units), fits in the storage space of only 7 glass growlers.

  • Product Differentiation – The unique and attractive appearance of EcoGrowler is sure to stand out versus your competition.

  • EcoGrowler is Shatterproof.  Glass isn’t.  Less injuries.  Less product loss.

  • EcoGrowler is clean room sanitary when shipped and does not need additional cleaning like glass requires.  This saves you labor, hassle, and as importantly during our current shortage, water.

  • EcoGrowler’s commitment to being as ‘green’ as possible allows you to also boast your concerted efforts to helping the planet.  After all, we’re planting trees together friends!

Important Consumer Tips:

  • Because of the thin material construction of your EcoGrowler, make sure to keep it cool. We’ve designed a fractable seal to release gas if it gets too warm, but If you’re going on a hike or a long bike ride, toss in an ice pack to keep your deliciousness in peak condition!

  • Just like any used container you utilize for food & beverage, make sure to clean your EcoGrowler thoroughly before bringing it back in to your favorite watering hole for a reload.


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